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I'm an unemployed mainframe Assembler/COBOL computer programmer (aka dinosaur) living in sunny old York. Hobbies include computers and electronics, and fixing old cars. I drive (when it's working) a 1969 Karmann Javelin, though it's undergoing protracted major rust repairs in my garage at the moment.
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I've been using BOINC for many years, initially on SETI, then also Einstein, and a couple of others. I've recently added a GPU to one of my machines and started playing with PrimeGrid as well. It's quite fun watching the credits tick up for all the sub-projects and seeing if I can get a badge or two on here, so I'm letting PrimeGrid have quite a large chunk of my power at the moment. Lately I've not been so interested in SETI, and given all the crap on the news, I think a search for intelligent life on Earth might be a better alternative. Our leaders are all mad and hell bent on killing each other. If there is intelligent life out there, I'm sure it will be doing its level best to hide and avoid any contact with us on this crazy planet.
Computer-wise, my most modern machine is an AMD A8-3870K quad-core built into an old Apple Mac G4 tower case on a mini-ITX board, which I'm quite pleased with. I dabbled with overclocking, but generally leave it on auto and it sorts that out itself. It's currently running Linux Mint 18 KDE from a Kingston SSD and seems stable now after a few initial screen wobblies which I think I've sorted out at last. My backup machine is an older dual core AMD which crunches BOINC tasks at about half the CPU speed of my A8, but it has an HD6670 graphics card in it as well, so can clock up some GPU tasks as well, which is nice. Occasionally I let my old 2008 MacBook Pro join in as well, it has an Intel dual-core CPU and is similar in speed to the AMD dual core, but I have to throttle it back to stop the laptop overheating, so it doesn't do as many tasks in real time. I also have a couple of OS9 G4 tower Macs and Atari STe machines which I fire up from time to time, though not for BOINC, just for playing games really. I prefer the old arcade games to the modern stuff. I usually end up on Llamatron, Q*Bert or Battle Zone. Somewhere in the attic I also have a Dragon 32 and an RML380Z. May get round to reimagining those at some point, especially the RML380Z, it has loads of room inside for an updated motherboard with something newer than the old Z80! One day.
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