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shoichiro yamada
syusui ("I wanna be a programmer! Studying C and Ruby. Then I konquer the world with linux! But...")
sow-5 ("For the sake of your children, study History. It is [i][b]fun[/b][/i] to study History.")
Saj ("Work in IT for several years but I hadn't heard about this project or the BOINC projects...")
Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow! ("Hallo crunch Gefährten. Mein Name ist Sylvester, ich lebe in Reutlingen und ich bin...")
Stephan Hartmann
Somerandompearson ("Now, the thing is, you do not realy need a "bio", because if you know me, then there is no...")
sow-7 ("'Parity' is a very good word. Long since: I learned it from our Secretary of State at the...")

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