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Prime number list for participant "k4m1k4z3"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
49817700^131072+11,008,912 (decimal)2018-02-26 14:08:54 UTCT5K, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search1,219.232
33417368^65536+1493,092 (decimal)2018-02-15 09:15:31 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search135.382
6121*2^1481568+1446,001 (decimal)2018-02-23 15:14:49 UTCT5K, taskProth Prime Search99.460
6307*2^1478940+1445,210 (decimal)2018-02-20 02:39:07 UTCT5K, taskProth Prime Search98.919
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
4489246^262144+11,743,828 (decimal)2018-03-01 04:16:07 UTCT5K, official announcement, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search3,265.313
49530004^131072+11,008,582 (decimal)2018-02-20 21:30:50 UTCT5K, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search609.005
31342854^65536+1491,267 (decimal)2018-02-06 21:44:52 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search66.925
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