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Prime number list for participant "Reed"

PrimeDigitsDateLinksSubprojectPrime Score
Initial finder
42620908^65536+1500,015 (decimal)2018-10-03 09:40:07 UTCT5K, taskGeneralized Fermat Prime Search141.307
28027008^65536+1488,085 (decimal)2017-12-03 13:45:56 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search131.204
80009158^32768+1258,971 (decimal)2017-12-08 03:13:17 UTC Generalized Fermat Prime Search18.706
55144710^32768+1253,674 (decimal)2017-07-15 16:31:51 UTC Generalized Fermat Prime Search17.555
(dates are of initial discovery, not the double check date)
7832704^131072+1903,599 (decimal)2017-04-26 12:53:44 UTCT5KGeneralized Fermat Prime Search434.656
2512119580875*2^1290000-1388,342 (decimal)2016-02-01 09:28:23 UTCT5KSophie Germain Prime Search32.500
57743714^32768+1254,329 (decimal)2017-08-24 23:58:53 UTC Generalized Fermat Prime Search8.847
27958104^32768+1244,008 (decimal)2016-06-08 13:06:32 UTC Generalized Fermat Prime Search7.789
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