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List of arithmetic progressions

Found by maverick3837:
SearchLengthAP SequenceDateLinks
AP27 (2016)2132412878238139297+149855350*23#*n for n=0..202019-09-24 23:24:36 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20378638140849932391+23392864*23#*n for n=0..192019-12-24 06:48:21 UTC 
Double checked by maverick3837:
SearchLengthAP SequenceDateLinks
AP27 (2016)22358093954076376181+14454353*23#*n for n=0..212019-10-17 22:43:03 UTC 
AP27 (2016)21452805133794422791+40156115*23#*n for n=0..202020-05-18 17:12:48 UTC 
AP27 (2016)21422188626515842607+43357047*23#*n for n=0..202020-06-21 00:25:23 UTC 
AP27 (2016)21195886522591363013+92645352*23#*n for n=0..202019-11-13 06:00:58 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20316171902224756407+140871622*23#*n for n=0..192019-08-01 13:02:36 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20364262168688041321+99600366*23#*n for n=0..192020-01-06 02:18:57 UTC 
AP27 (2016)2043527776704923769+161796260*23#*n for n=0..192019-11-16 12:03:40 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20514062294649084091+50165631*23#*n for n=0..192020-08-30 23:44:31 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20472123234230851993+40156002*23#*n for n=0..192020-05-18 17:12:48 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20397556764841386949+42248957*23#*n for n=0..192020-06-08 23:21:50 UTC 
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