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List of arithmetic progressions

Found by Casey Robinson:
Casey Robinson has not found any APs.
Double checked by Casey Robinson:
SearchLengthAP SequenceDateLinks
AP27 (2016)21274043528780681899+105787799*23#*n for n=0..202020-03-04 17:16:55 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20318821590165590133+104965124*23#*n for n=0..192020-02-26 05:18:37 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20269459447539455851+105787822*23#*n for n=0..192020-03-04 17:16:55 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20286080736115747107+98253444*23#*n for n=0..192019-12-26 12:50:51 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20306139424633657141+91876336*23#*n for n=0..192019-11-08 05:49:38 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20282689373911101447+93201599*23#*n for n=0..192019-11-16 18:59:33 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20407156044231721999+18680012*23#*n for n=0..192019-11-16 05:03:22 UTC 
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