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List of arithmetic progressions

Found by Darth:
SearchLengthAP SequenceDateLinks
AP27 (2016)21158019847797123149+173567435*23#*n for n=0..202020-02-25 17:26:40 UTC 
AP27 (2016)21159946437824800013+44158422*23#*n for n=0..202017-11-27 07:54:17 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20466228403845162247+36628215*23#*n for n=0..192020-04-15 22:32:50 UTC 
Double checked by Darth:
SearchLengthAP SequenceDateLinks
AP27 (2016)21185308359845497169+179463118*23#*n for n=0..202020-04-14 06:36:23 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20159071404098677761+192816733*23#*n for n=0..192022-04-13 22:47:12 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20311043864941706241+116096647*23#*n for n=0..192020-06-02 19:06:55 UTC 
AP27 (2016)2033520528691575267+173213690*23#*n for n=0..192020-02-18 09:46:07 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20232716002663950679+110764662*23#*n for n=0..192020-04-13 16:45:20 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20396468840380831353+45140803*23#*n for n=0..192020-07-13 01:43:59 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20416411538420319549+39147701*23#*n for n=0..192020-05-08 10:42:29 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20442790069751897251+29016780*23#*n for n=0..192020-01-31 10:19:02 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20314219889959889553+45310836*23#*n for n=0..192017-12-06 19:28:51 UTC 
AP27 (2016)20289184441059949161+44315426*23#*n for n=0..192017-11-29 20:29:51 UTC 
AP27 (2016)2015685641659871307+46271049*23#*n for n=0..192017-12-16 08:09:58 UTC 
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